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So I got my glasses..

So I got my glasses... 2 pair.. small package.. from zenni optical.
the only thing they could have done better for shipping, etc. was to include a packing slip in with the glasses to say what the prescription, models, etc. were. I think that would have been good for order confirmation.

The clip-ons are not as dark as I would have thought or hoped for, but I haven't tested them outside yet.

I haven't worn glasses in ages so they took a little getting used to. I've already done the fall-asleep-with-them-on wake-up "where's my glasses?!" dance. Found them quickly, but knowing I had a second pair upstairs was a plus.

I haven't tested them thoroughly yet, but I think the antireflective coating with zenni optical is an option worth getting. (I got one pair with and one pair without because I didn't know if it would be worth it for the extra ($5?) fee.)

The quality is about what one could expect from inexpensive glasses. I think only a trial over time will really determine their quality/durability. The slightly more expensive pair is not much difference in quality than the $8 pair as far as the frames go. (The only thing I really notice with the $8 pair is that it has a plastic sheathe on the entire length of the earpieces which is a little loose -- but I've seen the same sort of issue with my in-store frames before. The thing to do different in the future if ordering an $8 pair is to just avoid such things.. although I actually like the fit of the $8 pair better I think.)

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    Apparently now the friend feed only shows you 10 entries. Way to go, LJ, you sure know how to encourage your members to come back and use you!

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    I have not been keeping up with LJ. Apparently you can only go back 340 messages on your friends page. :(

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