center (center) wrote,

Venture into online glasses...

I've had glasses most of my life..

So, once I started wearing contacts I quickly became addicted to them... it's great to have no weight on one's nose all the time, and to be able to wake up and just be able to see, not to lose one's glasses.. and also to be able to wear whatever sunglasses one wants, etc.

But I need new glasses.

I tend to be particularly hard on my glasses...

and I tend to lose them..

I was originally planning on getting transitions/photochromic lenses. I've worn them since.. well, for a very long time.. and really prefer them... when I started, and for the longest time... photogrey (glass) was FREE at the place I used to get my glasses.. then they started charging. Eventually, I had to switch to plastic to reduce the weight.. it's a pain in the butt to have that pressure on your nose all the time, and transitions ran me.. I think something like $100+ for the lenses. I really like this, not having to carry two pairs.. and them just changing automatically when you go outside, etc.

Well, to order photochromic online would have run me something like $39 extra... so I figured what the heck, I will try to do the old glasses switch thing (either having tinted lenses for outside. I'm actually starting out with regular glasses with no tint, and magnetic or clip-on shades. I think I'll probably lose them, misplace them, or just find them annoying.. but it will get me two pairs of glasses.. my first choice of glasses were like a $20 choice with $39 lenses.. and it would have cost somethibng like $62+$5 shipping to get them.. one pair.. then I realized.. that if I ordered $8 glasses... (and not photochromic) I could wind up with like 4 or 5 different pairs for about the same price.. and have backup glasses all over the place.

I could in essence become a frameslut. I'm already a clotheshorse. I know most of you don't know that, only seeing me in jeans and t-shirts most of the time, but I have a rather extensive wardrobe.

To find out what glasses fit me well (for the framesize) I just went into lenscrafters.. and fell in love with an absolutely amazing pair of $119 (plus lenses) Rayban mirrored sunglassess.. these things were like sex, they were so nice and comfortable. [Sigh] Well, I'm not getting them anytime soon... but..

So begins the experiment... worst comes to worst, I could always go get the photochromics if I find I can't work with the switcheroo.. but until then.. I just placed an order for two pairs of glasses for $40.85 and should get them in a couple of weeks. I could have gone cheaper, but figured I'd get a more expensive pair, and one 8$ pair, an extra clip-on, and test the anti-reflective coating on one of the pairs.

I will let you know how it goes. (Not that you care.)
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